BOScoin Releases its
“TestNet – Optimized for Public Financing,”
Ahead of 4Q Mainnet Launch

BOScoin Press release
June 14 2018

June, 15, 2018, SEOUL– Korea’s first blockchain project BOScoin (, CEO Yezune Choi, BlockchainOS), announced that it is releasing the TestNet optimized for public financing and making its source code available on its community.

BOSNet, the mainnet specifically designed by BOScoin for public financing, is supported by ISAAC* which is a consensus protocol developed in-house. The ‘mFBA (modified FBA)’ with enhanced openness is the foundation of the ISAAC which combines the best features of Stellar and Byzantine protocols. As a result, the ISAAC can save data in the blockchain safely and efficiently, making BOSNet a mainnet truly optimized for public financing.

Prior to the official 4Q launch of the mainnet, BOScoin plans to make the source code of the TestNet available on June 15 to encourage participation of the community. Launch of the TestNet is scheduled for the end of June. Along with the TestNet launching, BOScoin will hold a large-scale meetup at Jam2Go in Gangnam, Seoul, between 7 and 9 pm on June 26 (Tues). The TestNet source code will be reviewed in the technical session while the business model on public financing will be presented by BOScoin in the business session.

“BOScoin’s mainnet development is right on schedule, and we decided to make the TestNet source code public so we could collect feedback from the community before the 4Q official launch,” said Yezune Choi, CEO of BOScoin. “Opening the source code will lay a foundation for successful commercialization of BOScoin’s mainnet, BOSNet, and provide a great opportunity to experiment with public financing before it officially goes live.”

*ISAAC is an acronym formed by 4 consensus steps in the public financing process – Initial vote, Sign, Accept, and All-confirm, which is a protocol used in all public financing processes.

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